Take back control
of your time

Plan your tasks directly in your calendar, say goodbye to endless to-do lists and enjoy getting things done.

The all-in-one online Organizer

ToDoYogi combines your tasks, meetings and notes into a single view so you can better plan your days and organise yourself to get things done. Use it like a good old paper organizer (just a smarter one): block time into your schedule for priority tasks, plan around existing meetings and commitments, and never forget anything thanks to well placed notes and reminders. Relax, you are back in control.

Block time for priorities in your calendar

Reserve time in your calendar for the tasks that you really need done, without blowing up your schedule. Prioritise, estimate time required, plan around meetings and existing deadlines. It's called time-blocking and it helps set realistic and achievable objectives. Stop over-committing and set yourself up for success.

Get things done
or reschedule

Things taking longer than planned, last minute snags, new priorities? It's OK, don't scrap everything, just reschedule what can wait: check your calendar, move things around, not everything needs to be done right away. ToDoYogi helps you change your plans in a breeze, while keeping everything in check.

Create a workflow and stay on track

Tackling your tasks in the order and at the time you set out in your calendar makes it easier to achieve your objectives. Post notes and reminders directly in your schedule and be assured they will appear just when you need them: meeting notes, an answer to chase, a deadline to remember, it will all be here at the right moment.

Plan just in time not just in case

Plan things at day, week or month level. Don’t waste time working out detailed schedules too much in advance and don’t clutter your daily calendar unnecessarily: leave time to tackle the urgent and important things when required. Refine your plans at the best moment, and keep all your goals in check.

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Is ToDoYogi free?
The current version (Beta) is free.

What does Beta mean?
It means that there might still be a few bugs, sorry.

Can I use ToDoYogi on mobile or tablet?
No, this version (Beta) is not supported on mobile or tablet.

Can I make suggestions or report issues?
Yes, please contact us, we would like to hear your thoughts.

Can I share ToDoYogi with friends?
Yes, please share the love.

Who made ToDoYogi?
We are a bunch of digital professionals who originally developed this app to make our own work days more fulfilling and less stressful - we love it and we think more people could benefit from it.

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